Microsoft Dynamics 365 Weekly Roundup – Major Deals Finds the Crack

DXC Technology’s subsidiary company Eclipse has declared that it will roll out a Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution across 400 Seed Heritage stores in multiple countries all over the world.

This fashion retailer was established in 2000 and is the part of the Brandbank Group and has grown itself a lot in the past couple of years.

Thousands of employees will benefit from a single solution across all aspects of the operation from point of sale, managing back office and logistics.

The company representative said in an interview, “We choose to partner with DXC Eclipse because of its proven experience and track record of successful projects in the retail sector.

D365 will enable the company to integrate all departments across the business, improving customer service and driving the overall growth of the business that will help us to grow as a team.

In other collaboration, Hitachi Solutions America, a provider of global industry solutions powered by the Microsoft Cloud service, has made an announcement that Advanced Connect for Field Service that connects Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Dynamics 365 Service.

The software is specifically designed according to the need of the filed service like managing customer accounts, warehouses, purchase orders, purchase order receipts, inventory transfers.

This field service automation solution will boost inventory processes, tracks service stock at mobile and fixed locations, provides more right warehouse levels and automates invoicing.

It will help in utilizing the resources, increasing their effectivity towards work and the overall growth in the productivity can be seen with this.

In the third announcement, the company whose name is Purely CRM, a software consulting firm mainly focusing on Microsoft Dynamics 365, is introducing its first product.

The Purely Web Lead Connector an add-on to a company website to capture web-generated leads directly into D365.

In this service, the Dynamics 365 will be directly connected to the website that will eventually help a company to capture leads in real-time lead capture.

It can make a huge impact on the competition in the market. The product is compatible with the most common web platforms.

It is very easy to connect to websites such as WordPress, Squarespace and the entire process of working becomes very smooth.

The Purely Web Lead Connector aims to help exclude costly custom integration work and other commonly occurring problems.

Sunbridge Software Services Ltd recently announced that they have been awarded three-year deal worth $1 Million by leading industrial products and service company Microsoft.

The client company approached Sunbridge Software Services as the management aims to achieve digital transformation and modern desktop for the organization.

This program is known for boosting the company’s performance by increasing the overall profitability, optimizing workforce productivity, decreasing operational expenses.

The main job of Sunbridge Software would find the right solution and customize the finance and Operations module for the concerned company.

The company is known for providing professional services which include implementation, training of the staff and customer support.

The expert of the company is gearing up the for three years long projects which would bring a significant change in the overall performance and success of the organization.

This project is going to be very crucial for their growth and will have a chance to emerge as a superpower.

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