Some tips and advices for the ‘to-be’ mothers for a healthy pregnancy- yoga and meditation

Pregnancy is one of the toughest stages in the lives of women. There’s nothing as beautiful as well as painful as becoming a mother. Once a woman conceives, she starts here journey to the most difficult stage of her life. If there’s a friend, a guide who can help her in those difficult times, she would appreciate it for her entire lifetime. Pregnancy takes a toll on the health of the ‘to be’ mother. She may face morning sickness and certain food might trigger her nauseating tendency. She might stay depressed all the time as she’ll be unable to do many things because of her ill health. Though it might be a temporary phase, nothing can be as dangerous as her stress and anxiety that might add to her illness.

Given below are few tips and advices that might help her cope up with the wicked game hormones play inside her body-

Get some domestic helping aid-

Pregnancy is tough, and health issues might make the stage tougher. A pregnant lady wouldn’t be fit enough to do all the household chores by herself. So it is important to get a domestic helping aid that can help her in her routine work like cooking and cleaning. There are a number of online agencies where one can find maid services in Kolkata and around, and one staying in and around Kolkata can hire maids and cooks by applying through those online agencies.

Enrolling for hobby classes-

Pursuing hobbies can be the best thing a new mother can do, and for that, enrolling in the hobby classes is the best option. Not only it would keep the spirits up, hobby classes would give one a creative outlet so that to stay emotionally stable. If one is good at something, she can also take some hobby classes and enjoy in her own creative space.

Get yoga and meditation classes-

Yoga and meditation can help provide calmness and serenity to the mind, and stabilize the mood swings of a person. In pregnancy, yoga and meditation gives support to the would be mother both physically and mentally, and nothing can be as better as getting yoga and meditation classes in Kolkata and around for the ‘to be’ mothers who are living in the city.

Pregnancy photo-shoot to cherish every moment of motherhood-

Pregnancy photo-shoot is one of the best ways to lift the spirits up. The ‘to be’ mother can deck up in her best gown, wear an ‘ear-to-ear’ smile and proudly show her baby bump to get the best picture of her with the baby in her womb. Later, these photographs can be the best memory that can make the mother relive the joyous moments.

Enjoy some quite time reading the favorite book or watching some interesting movie-

The bookworm mothers can find their joy in reading their favorite book, while the movie-buff mothers to be can enjoy watching some interesting movie to keep themselves happy and in a good mood. No wonder books and movies can really help changing the mood of a person, and as not much physical activity is involved here, these engagements are good for the pregnant women. However, emotional movies or books with sad endings must be avoided, as it may depress the mother.

Chatting with friends and loved ones-

Chatting with the friends and loved ones be it over the internet or a physical meet-up can help bring the sprits up. Pregnant women can use social media to entertain and inform themselves on pregnancy via chatting, or can plan a get-together at home to enjoy and spend some quality time within like-minded people. Occasional chatting and get-togethers can help refresh mind and helps in relaxing.