Types of back doctors; and whom do you need to consult?


In a number of cases, it is really not required to consult a doctor because the instance of back pain usually fades off after a while and the affected person is completely relieved of the pain. However, if this pain persists for a long time and doesn’t ease up even after massage and medicines, then it might be a wise thing to get in touch with a Boynton Beach back doctor at the earliest. Especially if you feel numbness or a tingling sensation, or if you are experiencing pain after accidental fall, or if pain is accompanied with difficulty in passing urine; weakness in the body, or a numbing sensation in the legs; all these symptoms indicate that you might have something serious, which you will need to get checked by a doctor as soon as possible.

The Type of Doctor you should see…

As far as seeing a particular type of back doctor is concerned; it will be advisable that you first see your regular physician for this purpose. It is only after making a proper assessment of the nature of your back problem that your family physician will be in a better position to recommend the type of back doctor you need to go to. Still for your reference in the future, there are primarily 3 types of back doctors that would generally treat cases related to back pains at present.

1. The first category of doctors includes General Physicians involved in Primary care of patients, which include the following types of doctors…

# Doctors involved in Family practice

# Internists undergoing internship at clinics and hospitals

# Practicing Obstetricians and Gynecologists

# Practicing Chiropractors

# Doctors specializing in Osteopathic Medicine

2. The second category includes Spine specialists who have a more specific area of expertise and know-how in a particular type of diagnoses and treatments for back pain that usually involve conditions of spine. These include the following types of doctors…

# Practicing Surgeons

# Practicing Physiatrists

# Practicing Anesthesiologists

# Neurologists

# Rheumatologists

3. The third category of doctors includes Therapists who have specialization in either physical therapy or occupational rehabilitation therapy for relieving back pain or offering psychological help to patients for chronic pains, and this category includes the following types of doctors:

# Physical therapists

# Occupational therapists

# Clinical psychologists

Now depending upon the kind of pain you are suffering from in your back, your family physician would be the ideal person to give you this advice after conducting a thorough assessment of your condition.