How to Make Your Home Look Luxurious

A lot of people, like you don’t have the budget to build a luxury house in the Philippines. We may want marble floors, spa-like bathrooms, and huge rooms, but these things may be impractical for you right. Even if you can’t build, you can still make your current living space more expensive looking with these tips.

Add greenery

Whether you add greenery inside or outside your home, they never fail to make your house look super luxurious. These are because floral arrangements and clean plants add a romantic and elegant touch to your living space.


If you have the budget to care for flowers, you can decorate your home with flowers by:

  • Using hanging planters to add height to your flowers
  • Making them the centerpieces of your vanity and dining table
  • Using quirky containers to hold them
  • Choosing flowers based on a certain color palette

If you don’t have the budget for flowers, you can always stick with green plants instead like orchids and twigs.

Add lavish lighting

A lot of expensive hotels spend a big portion of their design budget on lavish lighting and for good reason. One, it makes the space look bigger than it actually is. Two, people are naturally attracted to brightness and feel happy in spaces that are well-illuminated.

To make your house look more luxurious with illumination, you can focus on specific types of lighting. Buy an overhead one, that can also act as a statement piece. When you place them on high ceilings, they automatically set the mood and light up room without trying much. Instead of traditional chandeliers, you can go with modern versions to keep up with the times.

After you have installed an overhead light, you can buy lamps and wall sconces. Lamps, fortunately, come in different sizes, so you can place them anywhere; side tables, beds, couches, and rooms. Additionally, wall sconces are great if you like buying art. When you place them near artistic pieces and turn them on, they add a luxe feel to them.

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Always be organized

Whenever you see images of luxury houses in the Philippines, they always look spotless. Designers understand that any form of messiness can distract the beauty of their rooms. Thus, you making your space organized and clean at all times is the cheapest thing you can do to make your space look expensive.

These are the different tips you can follow to make your home clutter free:

  1. Set up containers to store different items. When you are used to placing them in the table,they eventually build up and produce a real mess in your table.
  2. Make a weekly clutter cleaning schedule
  3. Stop buying duplicates of the same products
  4. Do not keep things for the sake of nostalgia


When you flip through magazines, it expensive house models always have some sort of accessory in every room. You will see decorative pieces, large mirrors, lamps, and pottery. These items are added by designers because they bring life to space. With accessories, you can see the personality of an owner and the desired mood of the whole house. Additionally, these items tell your guest what they are supposed to feel when they enter your home.

To make your house look more luxurious, these are the different accessories you can add:


They bring more light into a room and make it look bigger

Pillows with creative design

They will not only make your beds and sofas feel comfier, but their beauty goes along with almost every layout

Wall art

They are a visual representation of your tastes, dreams, and interests. You don’t even have to spend a lot on wall art. You can choose to save money by making your own with some tape and internet pictures.


They are versatile accessories, you can choose to leave it bare or choose to place some decorations on it. Add photo frames, pottery, plates on stands, and other chunky accessories. Just leave a space between each item to make it look tidy.

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Coordinate with textures

The texture is what keeps rooms from looking flat. It gives the sense of “ personal touch” to house items such as a fluffy rug, a smooth leather couch, and crisp curtains. When you want a luxurious home, the last thing you want is a space that bores your guests. Thus adding texture, means adding visual appeal to your room.

When it comes to this concept, you can choose between soft and hard texture items. As a general rule, it is important you strike a balance between the two for every color palette you choose to stick to. This could mean pairing a smooth sofa with cotton curtains that have a rougher feel to the hands.

Key Takeaway:

Most of us can’t afford to buy or build a luxury home. Just because we cannot, it does not mean we can try to make our current living space more expensive- looking with these listed additions.

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