What is ASO and how it is similar to SEO?

According to the authentic official data, there are over 2.8 million apps in Android Play Store, all of which are used by over a trillion smart phone users over the world.

The development of mobile applications are becoming faster and faster. All the app developers are concerned about how to improve search engine ranking for mobile apps. The good search engine ranking is vital to your app’s success. The most practical and effective way to achieve the goal is App Store Optimization.

The very first thing you need to do before promoting the mobile app or uploading the same in google play store is knowing your targetted audience that would be downloading your mobile app through Play Store. After you get to your targetted audience or your targetted mobile users the second step is creating the perfect plan of promotion for your newly developed mobile application. A plan to promote the app in social media would be a perfect option to make to increase your app downloads.

Social Media marketing is an effective method to increase your app installs or promote your mobile app brand for organic searches in mobile app search engines. Careful selection of channels that works best with your product plays a crucial role in your app awareness. Also constant or regular updating of your app content and versions

Now let’s know about more App Store Optimization. ASO is very similar to SEO or search engine optimization. Assuming that you got an app that’s ready to come into the market, now your needs a descriptive name. Why your Descriptive name is so important? Descriptive name exactly describes

the description of your mobile application and what it is made for, a good name and description for your application is readily identified by prospecting users and the same is highly likely to improve you rankings in the play store or other app market.

Another most important thing to increase your mobile app downloads is the the Preview video of that application that is seen above the Google app store and plays a vital role for users in their decision making process inturn boosting the apps downloads also enhance user satisfaction.

All the above were some basic app marketing strategies to increase app ranking and it’s downloads. As already mentioned App Store Optimization is majorly similar to Search Engine Optimization hence more of the attention is given on keyword selection and choosing the keywords wisely.

While writing the mobile app description and you got around 4000 characters to work with. You need to put your most important keywords in your description with the desnsity of 3-4% for the best ASO. Keywords with high search volumes and a low to moderate competition will be best for your app store optimization.

You should try to put your top keyword in your app name. It is better to use words rather than phrases, unless a phrase is an absolutely integral keyword. When researching keywords, choosing the best from singular and plural keywords isn’t that much simple you need to choose the one with the best numbers when you are researching keywords. Use of conjunctions and prepositions as keywords should be avoided. Use commas rather than spaces to separate keywords. In addition, you should use digits instead of spelling out numbers.

Last but not least, you should choose the right category for your app. Placing your app in the proper category can help users find your app easily. You should pick the category that describes your app best. Next, you should check out just how many apps are in each category and choose the least competitive category gives your app a better chance of ranking closer to the top. Finally, look at the estimated app worth of the apps near the top of those categories. You’d better put your app in the one with the lower numbers may be to your advantage as well.

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