What Has Worked for Me in the Past 6 Years to Write Down Clickable Headlines

In search of the perfect title? Here I give you some clues so that you are aware of the essential aspects to consider.

I return to one of my favorite topics from the beginning of this blog. The writing of headlines. Much has changed since then although the hooks are still very similar. In the end it is about touching the sensitive fiber of people .

Important nuances that you should know when writing titles

The mechanism has not changed much over time but I always insist and highlight some nuances.Despite the magic of the titles you have to know where the limits are.

  • The cultural context is important . What works in the Anglo-Saxon world can not be applied without modification here. We are a lot more distrustful, so much attention can cause this .
  • The degree of infoxiption increases continuously. Consequently, the average attention we received has been falling dramatically in recent years. An advanced user is not going to “cheat” with a very striking title.Here you have to convince in another way .
  • We can not just change what works . The creation of titles has evolved. One of the pioneers in this regard has been the Viralnova website and a lot of copycat has emerged in the Spanish-speaking world. No one has been able to replicate the success of Scott DeLong. Copying alone is no longer enough.

Essential aspects for the perfect title

Over time I have been discovering “technical” aspects that have given good results. There is no exact measurement and it is difficult to compare one title with another. In the end many of the keys are based on intuition. Luckily there are no absolute truths and each context in the end becomes different. The best results result from own experience .

Use of words and magic expressions

The lack of being able to explain absolutely everything that surrounds the writing of titles makes that sometimes the magic arises simply. Here I give you some expressions and words that work especially well for me. Sometimes the difference can be marked by 3 characters like this . In my beginnings I risked a lot more but now I prefer not to go that far anymore .

The anatomy of the title

It is also good to respect a certain order. In this context I like to talk about the anatomy of the title . It has to do with the fact that many processes occur in the unconscious so that decision-making can be influenced by small usability tricks .

Adaptation to the environment and approach

Not everything works equally well in all parts. Titles also require adaptation to the medium and approach. E.g. On Twitter I usually use some of these tricks to create memorable headlines. Visit twitter page of Dream World Travel; the cheap business class flights provider in UK and you will find some interesting headlines on their twitter dashboard feed.

There is an essential rule that you have to take into account. It is good to find a balance between calling attention and post with less aggressive titles.

The most important thing is to fulfill what you promise . In the end it is about touching the little heart of the reader. These emotional reasons that work for Facebook Ads actually work for any type of content.

This is achieved mostly with first-person stories. Sharing experiences with which others can identify calls a lot of attention. That is why I usually relate many titles with what I have lived.

Try it and you’ll tell me what worked best for you


The author of above shared content is Kazim Raza. He’s is a digital marketer and currently working for Copenhagen Cheap Flights from UK agency. He’s main object is to increase traffic, leads & ROI through social media.